This last week I had my third successful jury trial in a row in the last two years. While this trial was the first time I represented the Defendant, it was satisfying saving this individual $300,000.00, plus a punitive award that exceeded a $1,000,000.00. In my last two Plaintiff trials, we bested the Defendants top offers by over a $150,000.00.

While this in no way a guarantee of future results, this is all said to show that a quick settlement with the insurance company or other side is not always in your best interest. When choosing a law firm check their track record. Do they keep the opposing side honest with the real threat of trial, or do they opt for a quick settlement? If the later, chances are good you are leaving money on the table.

While there is risk in every decision. It is compounded by those incapable or unwilling to take calculated risk, and a jury trial is just that, a calculated risk. So, if faced with this decision make an informed choice based upon those who have been there, and who can give their reasonable opinion based upon previous experience. As the saying goes, “experience is what you get after you need it.”