Inman, Stadler & Hill is proud to have partnered with the Spartan Alliance in continued efforts to serve our nations Veterans and the Veteran community.

The Spartan Alliance is an initiative of the Independence Corps, an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profits dedicated to serving our nation’s Veterans. They are determined to make a difference in the horrific suicide rate that is plaguing our nation’s Veterans. You can visit their site at or follow them on Facebook at

Through this collaborative effort, Inman, Stadler & Hill was able to assist in the selection of 5 veterans to receive bicycles (see the pictures below). These bicycles will enable the Veterans’ additional mobility as well as give them the opportunity to exercise. One of the mottos of the Spartan Alliance is that a heathy body promotes a healthy mind.

The attorneys and staff at Inman, Stadler & Hill are proud to support this and any other initiative that will help to prevent even 1 of the 22 Veteran suicides that happen every day. Additionally, we are also proud to say that members of the staff of Inman, Stadler & Hill have had the pleasure of serving with some of the Veterans that have received these bicycles.  As always, Inman andStadler are proud advocates of Veteran issues.