There’s no shortage of software programs and online apps designed to help you create a will or estate plan for yourself and your loved ones. And while these programs and apps may be convenient, they aren’t the right option for many people who want to ensure all their bases are covered after they pass away.

If you’re debating on using a computer or hiring a lawyer to help you create a will or estate plan, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Software programs and online apps aren’t lawyers.

This fact seems obvious, but it has major implications for many people when creating their wills or estate plans. Estate planning law can be complex, and knowing that your will or estate plan is being handled by someone with a broad understanding of Tennessee estate planning law can give you much greater peace of mind than if a program or app completes it. And while some programs and apps connect users with lawyers, they typically aren’t local and don’t take their time to ensure you get the best possible legal service.

  1. Software programs and online apps can’t ask the right questions.

Estate planning programs are preprogrammed to ask a pre-set number of questions using pre-set parameters. They can’t consider additional information you provide that’s outside those parameters, and they can’t ask important but unexpected follow-up questions based on your answers. It’s extremely common for people who create their wills or estate plans to have sudden recollections of certain assets or wishes specifically because of their attorney’s questions.

  1. Software programs and online apps can’t give advice.

Creating a will or estate plan is straightforward for some people. They know exactly what they want and need, and the process is simply making their wishes stand up to legal scrutiny after they pass away. However, many people don’t know exactly what they want or need, and computer programs and online apps can’t help. However, estate planning lawyers CAN help by giving advice based on legal precedent, previous client experiences, and general best practices.

  1. Software programs and online apps can cost you more money. 

Many people are attracted to estate planning software and apps because of their low cost. The thought of paying a low, flat fee and getting a quick and easy will or estate plan is tempting, but for many people, it can actually cost them more money than if they hired a lawyer in the first place. That’s because fixing mistakes in the will or estate planning creation process can be expensive, often requiring recreating the documents from scratch.

  1. Software programs and online apps don’t create easily understood wills.  

Wills and estate plans are only as helpful as they are easy to understand. If your will or estate plan is contradictory, leaves out important information, or is otherwise poorly written and hard to follow, it can create a big headache for your loved ones. Estate planning software and online apps don’t have any criteria for ensuring the documents they create are easy to read and follow, and that means many people end up with confusing directives. An experienced estate planning lawyer can ensure that your will or estate plan fulfills your wishes and makes it easy for your loved ones to carry them out as you intend.

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Because you can’t put a price on peace of mind—especially when protecting your final wishes and your loved ones—the advice, experience, and care you get from an experienced estate planning lawyer is priceless.

Estate planning software and apps are simply no match for attorneys who have helped countless people create their wills and estate plans, and countless more families resolve issues caused by unclear wills and estate plans.

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